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Delivering Workshops

Effective Personal Performance workshop delivered to SME's and business women over three hours at Croydon Park Hotel. The participants gained new tools and strategies to improve and enhance time management, priorities and setting goals. Feed back from the group was...

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Coaching Founder and Managing Director

Coaching session testimonial I met with Janet for a bespoke coaching session to assist with the development of my organisation. Despite having many ideas, the coaching session empowered me to reframe my vision. Through effective dialogue and coaching techniques, Janet...

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Business Coaching

It is amazing how there are so many women who are looking to be coached as they journey towards different goals including change of career, choosing the right course to study, wanting to develop and update their professional curriculum vitae or set up their own...

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A inspirational woman leader.

"We're here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark" Whooping Goldberg.

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Women Leaders in Our Communities

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Singer, Songwriter and Councillor in waiting, Felicity Triner at an event in SouthEast London. Felicity and I discussed in great detail topics on empowering women in leadership, the growth of business culture amongst...

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Women Leaders In Football

These women Coach for Palace and today were presented with a prestigious award as part of the National Citizenship. I met these young woman today who are fantastic role models for up and coming young leaders in the sports...

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About Us

Janet Davidson has over 20 years experience in senior management and leadership roles in education, business and private sector Her passion is working with women to help them develop their careers, business and personal life challenges to become successful women leaders.

With expert knowledge and skills in careers, leadership, management and personal performance coaching, Janet has a Postgraduate in Leadership and is a practicing business teacher. From working in professional roles in the education sector, Janet has trained, led teams and coached senior managers in various roles across the UK and London to help with business change and best practice.

Women's Enterprise and Leadership Agency will offer you an outstanding service tailor made to your personal, business and team needs.

To find out how our services can meet your needs email: or call 020 7101 4395 to set up a suitable meeting time.