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Women in Leadership and Enterprise Programmes

Women’s Leadership Mastermind Membership Group: for women in business, up and coming women entrepreneurs, the woman leader at home wanting to meet successful people to elevate you to the next level in your career, business or life. The group meets monthly to shares stories, tips and ideas on how to develop yourself and pursue your goals.  Meetings are held once every month in the Croydon, Surrey Area. For more information about the membership email

Building a Bridge: workshop exploring concepts and techniques on vision, mission, action planning, desire and confidence, commitment and responsibilities to achieve personal and business goals. Workshops can be delivered at organisations, on your business premises or off site at a central location with easy transport links.

Effective Performance: workshop comprising a select group of local SMEs, educational, business leaders focused on discussing and implementing performance improvement in these area: higher productivity, enhanced communication, increased focus on priorities and development of key personnel and improved teamwork.

Women of Leadership and Influence – Programmes:  as you’ll be well aware, one of the greatest challenges in the workplace is managing all of their various tasks and responsibilities in the most effective way to get the results that the business requires. Many women face the same organisational challenges in their personal lives as well. Here’s where we, can help you?  We work with individuals, social enterprises, SMEs, education providers on leadership and success programmes, which can be delivered at your premises or a central location with easy transport links.   For more information about this programme please email

Young Women’s Success programme: support and develop young people and graduates to their full potential. The programme aims to give the participant a mental framework within which to develop positive, structured thinking to help support them into work, training or skills development. The regular exchange of ideas amongst the participants plays a major role in motivating the participants within the group. Please contact for more details about how this course will benefit your school, college or university.

For more details about any of the workshops or programmes above please contact Janet Davidson on 0207 101 4395 or email

About Us

Janet Davidson has over 20 years experience in senior management and leadership roles in education, business and private sector Her passion is working with women to help them develop their careers, business and personal life challenges to become successful women leaders.

With expert knowledge and skills in careers, leadership, management and personal performance coaching, Janet has a Postgraduate in Leadership and is a practicing business teacher. From working in professional roles in the education sector, Janet has trained, led teams and coached senior managers in various roles across the UK and London to help with business change and best practice.

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